Explore Black Music History

Justine explores Black music history—past, present, and future—through journaled reflections, researched topics on Black music history, livestreams, concerts, community discussions, exclusive behind the scenes access to Justine's recording process, and more, available via subscription through Patreon.

Subscriptions begin at $3/month for Black and Indigenous folks, and $10/month for everyone else.

Justine, kneeling with her flute and pedals.

With a diverse portfolio of written and improvised performances for the United Nations and acknowledged by The New York Times, Justine seeks to broaden music’s reach and impact on its listeners. Virtually and in person, Justine offers a variety of ways for you to engage and learn with music.

Book A Performance

Throughout the pandemic, Justine has been giving virtual concerts, programming a diverse range of music, both written and improvised, and both acoustic and with electronics. In the past few months alone, Justine has performed for the United Nations, public, private, and charter schools across the country, and more. She is understanding of nonprofit and school budgets, and will work with you to curate a program of your liking.

Speaking Engagements

As both a performing musician and formerly working at some of the world's leading arts organizations, Justine comes with a unique perspective to talk to students and organizations of all backgrounds. She was the Performance Keynote Speaker for McGill University's Music Graduate Symposium in 2021, and has presented for the Umoja Flute Institute and the National Flute Association. Justine is currently accepting new speaking opportunities.

Teaching Artistry

Justine is currently a teaching artist at Bronx Charter School for the Arts in New York. She is happy to discuss taking on new teaching artist positions, regardless of timezone.

Justine, seated and looking at the camera.
“Justine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to my music students. Her warm and demanding demeanor creates a learning environment where students feel safe yet challenged to be their best.

Her ability to communicate technical ideas in a seamless fashion is truly unprecedented and I would strongly recommend Justine for private/group instruction. She has been an indispensable asset to my flute studio and program at large!”

—Jason Fitch, Bronx Charter School for the Arts Band Director